IP and nameservers

  • Answered

I want to know what is the important of having 5 IPs. I have a main account whic is eCommerce website, and we want to give it separate IP to keep it away of high load on other IPs. Is that what we mean by having more than IPs?

My question is how to set up an IP with name servers for the account. Is there an automatic transition between IPs if one of them is having high load the account will automatically will take another IP ? is that possible ? Please advise.
Hello VPS2000, The additional IPs are used largely for sites that use SSL certificates for security. Each IP can only have one SSL and an SSL must be assigned to a dedicated IP address. You can also have custom name servers for your account and the IPs can be assigned to different cPanels on your VPS with all of them pointing to your custom nameservers. To do any of these, you would need to contact our support department at [email protected] with that request. Be sure to validate your account with either the last 4 digits of the credit card on file, or the current Account Management Panel (AMP) password. Best Regards, Scott M