How to redirect the Temp URL

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I'm trying to set up an automatic redirect from one URL in my personal site to another using cPanel. But I can't get it to work. I used the Redirects tool in the Domains menu (the icon of the globe with www in front) and set up a redirect with it (or so I thought). The redirect shows up inside cPanel. But it doesn't work when I test my site in a browser. Just to be sure, I cleared the cache before trying.

The redirection I want to do is this:


When I look in my .htaccess file, I see the following:
RewriteEngine on
# To set your custom php.ini, add the following line to this file:
# suphp_configpath /home/yourusername/path/to/php.ini
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^damianpope\.net$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.damianpope\.net$
RewriteRule ^attachments\/File\/main31computer\(1\)\.swf$ "http\:\/\/ecbiz103\.inmotionhosting\.com\/\~damian8\/page8\.html" [R=301,L]

One thing that confuses me is this:
My site is hosted by InMotion at the following URL:

But I also have a custom domain name that automatically redirects to my Inmotion site:

When I use the Redirects tool in cPanel, the *only* domain it allows me to redirect from is ''. i.e. I can't redirect from:

I don't know if this matters. Any help is appreciated.



P.S. I realize I'm trying to redirect from a swf file to a html page. But I want to embed the swf file in another page. I'm hoping this type of redirect is possible.

P.P.S. I also tried redirecting from one html page to another, but also couldn't get it to work.
Hi Damian, Your Temporary URL,, is only to be used for testing purposes. Because of this, it isn't integrated into your cPanel at all, such as within the Redirect Manager. I manually edited your .htaccess file, and added the following code: Redirect 301 /~damian8/attachments/File/main31computer(1).swf The redirect seems to be working as you want. Please test however, and let me know if you see any issues. Thanks, - Brad