Fedex shipping rates with eShop

  • Answered
I want to use Fedex as my shipping provider. Is there a way that I can add there shipping rates to my website so that when the customer checks out they will know the final price and recieve a tracking number.
Hello Tdavis, The eshop contained within the Premium Site Builder is a very basic ecommerce tool. The shipping is added on a global level and not on a per item or cart level. This means there is one shipping rate per order, no matter the size. You can designate different shipping companies with assigned shipping costs so the customer can select which one they want to use, however. The company that wrote the builder did not make the shipping area very detailed. There are many ecommerce programs you may want to check into if you need something more customizable. Our Fantastico installer tool (found in cPanel under Software/Services category) has three additional ecommerce programs you may want to investigate. Other popular ones are also OpenCart and PrestaShop (both of which have their own education channels within our support center) These are all full ecommerce programs and have abilities and features like you are asking for. They can also be installed and work in conjunction with your builder site, so you will not need to redesign your main site. Best Regards, Scott M