How do I tranfer my blog to my website

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I have a wordpress blod.I just added my domain name dixiesdiary to it.(had to pay $13.oo)and I changed The nameservers like wordpress said.When I try to access my site from the webbuilder my blog isnt there.I orginaly added wordpess when I first joined but it was a new wordpress blog and I tried to add my blog to that and I did but I could figure out how to transfer her the URL.I did manage to add my blog though and it ws on which oferrs a lot more features and themes.aAnyway I thought if I added my domain to my blog on wordpress Can you access my account and tell me what to do .All i wante to d was transfer my blog and my url to the new blog I had started her.I had alot more features for my blog.I changed the nameserves to wordpress and now i have extactly the same thing I had but now its dixesdiary,com.Please help me.I somehow have two blogs now and the one want to have doesnt.the old one does.I am so confused.
Hello dixiessiary, We have an entire online class dedicated to moving your wordpress data over to us here at InMotion. That class is located in our education channel for Wordpress and is accessible here. You will also want to point your domain to our nameservers again so that the site will display from here once you move the data. They are and Remember that there is a propagation time of up to 24 hours when making hte nameserver change. Best Regards, Scott M