How can I add InMotion Hosting IP into GoDaddy Domain?

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I am hosting the temporary and new homepage with Inmotion now.


My client has the current running domain at Godaddy. but current DNS has record which is for email. Also they could not add Inmotion DNS on (GoDaddy Domain).


I want to suggest my client to point the Godaddy DNS to Inmotion IP. 

Would you please give me a guideline of what I need to do in both Inmotion and Godaddy.

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Hi Gemma,

Thanks for posting your question about how to configure your GoDaddy domain to use InMotion Hosting server housing your account for the website, while your email remains hosted with your current DNS configuration. It would be best to reach out to GoDaddy for assistance with this. The instructions found in our guide(s) would only apply to the DNS management through cPanel and would require that your domain be pointed to our nameservers.

You can find your server's IP address and then reach out to GoDaddy's support to determine where to modify/create the following DNS records:

A record for pointed to your server with InMotion Hosting.

A record for pointed to your email server's IP address.

Then, modify your current MX record:

MX record for pointed to the A record for

NOTE: Be sure to replace with your actual domain.

Once those entries are made, allow a 24-48 hour time frame for the propagation of those records to occur. I hope this helps!


Carlos D