Why is my new hosting plan not showing up under active subscriptions in AMP?

  • Answered
I purchased a second hosting plan (including new domain registration) from InMotion yesterday, but it doesn't show up under active subscriptions on the AMP billing details page. I don't recall this happening with the first plan that I purchased.

Does this indicate a problem with the hosting setup, or is there normally a delay when adding additional plans to an account.
Hello Erland, I'm sorry your new hosting and domain registration were not correctly added to your account in AMP. While the new account was created on the server and your domain was registered, the subscription for that plan and domain were not automatically added in AMP (as they should have been). Our Development Team will be working to correct this for you as quickly as possible so that the subscriptions for your new hosting plan and the free domain registration will be shown in AMP. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused. You can still access your new account's cPanel and begin working on your website for your new account. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or need further assistance. Regards, Christi N.