file download page in Site-Builder

  • Answered
I want to use the "special page" File Download on my website so that visitors can download a .pdf file. It appears that it uploaded but when I test I don't see anything happening. Also, I expected that my banner and menu buttons would appear on the page. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, PEGGY
Hi Peggy, Using the Premium Site Builder's File Download Tool To upload a file to your Builder so that other users can download it:
  1. Log into your Premium Site Builder
  2. On Step 3. Pages, add a new page to your site, "File Download"
  3. Proceed to Step 4. Edit, and select "File Download" in the left menu.
  4. Enter a file name, use the "Browse" and "Upload" feature to upload the file.
  5. After you publish your site, the download feature will now show in your site's navigation.
Update: While trying to answer your question, I see that you've posted a comment here stating you've resolved the issues at hand. If we can help any further, feel free to ask another question at any time! Thanks, - Brad