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i am going to bring the email accounts for a new hosting plan over to inmotion hosting. the new domain/hosting plan is
can you tell me what information i need to set the MX records properly for either, or both, with inmotion account and also with the current hosting company, hostmysite? i am trying to leave hostmysite completely, but am having trouble getting everything transferred over to inmotion seamlessly.

also, does inmotion offer the spam services of postini? or something similar?
thank you.

ps-after the first reply....thank you, but what i need to know is what MX record information to use with the company that is currently hosting the email. or will the email start moving over to inmotion when i change the nameservers? my question is only about email, and not the entire site. i know how to move the site when i'm ready. thank you.
Hi Jimmy, Great question on setting up email and MX records. If you will be using our servers for your email, there will be no need to set up any MX records here as that is automatically done for you. If you wish to have your email hosted elsewhere (Google for example) you can set up your custom MX records using the MX Entry area of cPanel. We have step-by-step instructions in our Modifying your MX records article. The information to be entered for your MX records should be provided by wherever you will be hosting your email. We offer SpamAssassin on our servers which will help you to combat Spam. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble transferring your site over. Please feel free to ask us any additional questions you might have regarding your transfer. We're happy to help! Regards, Christi N.