User submitted uploads w/images

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I'm looking for the simplest way to have a form for users to submit a message and upload images(maybe videos too) if they want. I'm testing a plugin (User Submitted Post), which uses a bit of shortcode to create a nice form with upload buttons. But from testing so far, it doesn't automatically associate or attach uploaded images to the associated post.
Can anyone recommend a handy plugin or other alternative that handles this easily? What would be nice is to have posts go to a separate category, have them not show unless approved by the admin, and maybe have images uploaded to a unique directory and be easily identified with the post they came with (maybe even a URL included in the post itself).
Any help is appreciated.
Hi CPL, I'm not too familiar with any plugins that meet all of your requirements, but I did test out a bit the User Submitted Post plugin (which I think fits most of your needs). The problem I found with it was that it did not show any error messages when an image upload failed. I update the options a bit to allow for better probability for images to be uploaded: 1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard 2. Click "User Submitted Posts" under "Settings" 3A. Set "Post Images" to Show 3B. Set "Minimum Number of Images" to 0 and "Maximum Number of Images" to 20. 3C. Set the "Maximum Image Size" to 10000 x 10000 3D. Save your changes While it doesn't automatically show the images in the post, you can add the following shortcode to do so:
If you're going to be moderating the posts, since you already have to go into the post it should be very quick and easy to automatically add that shortcode to the end of the post. You may also be able to write a quick plugin does this for you too if you won't be moderating the posts. When I looked at the images, it also uploads them to a unique folder based upon the post title and the image name. I hope this helps! Feel free to post any follow up questions in the comments of this page. Thanks! - Brad