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How do I find out what cookies my website uses? Or is this a software that I have to install on my site? Sorry - base question!


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Thanks for the question about cookies.  It's a good question but if you did not implement the creation of a cookie from your website, you most likely are NOT using them.  However, depending the software you're using for your website, you could also be using cookies that are loaded by default.  For example, WordPress uses some default cookies.  There are plugins for WordPress that will tell list all the cookies in use.  And you can also go to third-party sites that will check your site for you. Here's an example of a WordPress plugin:  Show Me the Cookies. And a pretty good third-party website that checks your website for cookies is

If you want a good guide on Cookies in general, check out  .

That guide has literally everything you would want to know about cookies on the web.  If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

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