Slow sites, need help/advice on what plan to upgrade to

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Hello, my renewal is coming up soon and I'd like some advice on what plan I should upgrade to. I currently am on the Power Plan from 2 years ago (thanks to the waybackmachine, I got a screenshot of the plan below).

I am a webmaster and currently have 4 sites on my account, two big ones ( and and two smaller ones. They are all on WordPress and all run the same theme (Divi). When I first transferred my sites here, it was only 2 sites and the speeds were fine, however over the past two years (especially the past year), we've had an increasing slowdown. I've worked with multiple people (including both inmotion support and Divi support) for help on this, but have had minimal success.

Since my renewal is coming up, I decided to look into different plans and realized even the shared hosting plans are very different now than they were 2 years ago, so my question is which plan would be recommended for me? I do plan on expanding to more sites in the future, as well.

The two I'm mainly considering are:
- Shared Hosting Pro for better performance and 100 websites
- WP-4000S for the dedicated IP, caching, and still be able to have 6 sites (and upgrade to the VPS-1000HA-S when I am in need of more than 6 sites)

I would also consider just "upgrading" to the current "Power Plan" if that is something that would support all my needs.

Thank you for any and all advice!

Arnel C
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Thanks for the question about upgrading your hosting subscription.  I'm sorry to hear that you're having some performance issues.  My recommendation is that you use a tool like GTMETRIX.COM to get a good idea of the performance and optimization recommendations for all of your sites. If you are needing more resources such as CPU and memory, then moving to a VPS (or higher) would be ideal.  If your websites are fairly static - meaning they're not changing much or have a lot moving parts like ecommerce or interactions with your viewers, then using a shared plan WITHOUT those resource-intense sites would be better.  The Shared plan is a good starting point, but as sites mature, you may require more dedicated resources to ensure that your websites continually perform without any issues.  Remember that Shared sites SHARE resources with all the websites on the server.  VPS or higher hosting plans have more resources dedicated to each account than a shared subscription in comparison.  

If you want an evaluation from InMotion, you can also submit a support ticket and ask  how your sites can be optimized or better served under an upgraded InMotion Hosting plan.  

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.