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I am getting multiple login requests for my password protected directory.  Sometimes it's two, but on some devices even refreshing the page will prompt another login request.

Arnel C
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Sorry to hear that you're having issues with people attempting to login to your password protected directory.  If the folder that you've protected is a common folder name, then people may simply trying to get in based on history of the folder structure.  Since you've protected it then access is still not being gained.  For example, if it's a WordPress site, there are many common folders that people expect to be there.  So, some may be placing them in the URLs thinking that they'd have normal access.  

What can you do? You haven't given any information about your website's structure, so I can only try to be generic in my response.  I would recommend reviewing this article on securing the WordPress Administrator using the .htaccess. Although this article specifies WordPress, you can really specify any location and then determine who has access with a few well-written rules.

If you are using a solution like WordPress, then there are also many other security measures you can take.  We do have some suggestions in our WordPress articles on our Support Center website.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know!

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Arnel C.