Setting up WooCommerce (requires latest php) while keeping current shop (which breaks with latest php)

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I am trying to Set up WooCommerce, but it requires latest php which breaks my current shop. I need to keep the current shop up at least until I get the new one running. Is there any way to have different parts of my site run on different php?
I guess I could develop on a different domain, but like to keep the old shop for SEO and older products.

Chris M
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As far as I know there is no way to segment PHP versions in one installation.  I would recommend working on getting your site code updated to the current PHP version as a first priority.  Your other alternative, as you mentioned, could involve setting up a subdomain, like "" for your WooCommerce site.  Whether or not this would affect your SEO strategy depends on many factors.  If the majority of your searchable content remains on the original domain, and there is no duplicate content, the effects may be minimal.