Can Horde notify me when an email is not successfuly sent

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Dear InMotion Hosting

I am getting reasonably regular feedback that some emails I have sent from Horde with my email address  ( [email protected] ) do not always get through to the intended recipient. Horde is not giving me any indication that some my emails are failing to get through. I was expecting that if an email 'bounced back' so to speak I would be notified. Some of my students are simply not getting many of my messages (it seems). 

Is there anything I can do about this problem or should I set up my email address on a platform other than Horde? 



John-Paul B
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Hello Tim,

Thank you for contacting us about getting notifications when an email is not successfully sent. Ensure the people you are sending to are checking their spam box and email filters. Any failed email that is sent should be returned to the sender with an error message. If you are not seeing them, check your spam box or any filters you may have. You can verify if emails were delivered successfully to the recipient servers in your cPanel Mail logs.

Thank you,