Why are assigned passwords subsequently revealed within confirm email?

  • Answered
When creating an Inmotionhosting account at https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/ the user assigns own password (obscured by the usual *****), but upon receiving a 'must open' email with confirmation link for confirming the account, the password is revealed (making little sense if initially within the form it was securely obscured) with originally assigned string - why does is this made to function and operate according to such inadequate principle (taking into account initial creation form password input setting)?

Thanks for posting your question regarding the process of creating an InMotion Hosting Support Center account. I understand your concern, however, this is simply the way our integration works. Although not ideal, it is the way that the system is programmed. We are always working on improving our Support Center, so we appreciate your feedback to help us continue with this initiative!

Carlos D.