Box Trapper Down for me & can't submit support ticket

  • Answered
I attempted to submit a ticket on this. But every time I clicked "submit" nothing happened. I tried it in both Safari & Chrome web browsers. Don't have time to call nor time to wait for a chat agent (35 minute wait being quoted right now). I'm being inundated with spam so hopefully I can get help here in case I'm missing something on my end.

I use Box Trapper on my primary email account. Today it is allowing all email to pass through. This includes email that is NOT on my whitelist and IS on my ignore list. I verified the issue by adding my Gmail account to my blacklist then sending an email from my gmail to my primary account. The email successfully passed Box Trapper and I did not receive the automatic blacklist response.

I have verified Box Trapper is enabled in the control panel. I disabled it, then re-enabled it and the issue persists. The Box Trapper log does not show any activity at all for today, but it does show activity for yesterday. I used the Box Trapper queue just last night so I know it's only been 12 hours or less since this issue started.

In the meantime I turned on Spam Assassin, but with the volume of Spam I get I prefer Box Trapper.

Any help is appreciated.
Hello DJRizzo,

Thanks for submitting a question about Box Trapper. Since we're not able to share private account information through this public forum, we cannot replicate the issue in your account or perform normal troubleshooting. I'd advise to try contacting Live Support again since hold times vary and it's possible your wait will be much shorter later in the day.

Christopher M.