Blocking email sender by IP address

  • Answered
I'm using Spam Experts as my spam filter and it works pretty well. However, even though I blacklist various spammers they still show up in my Quarantine because they are spoofing email addresses.
I figure I could get rid of some of the spammers if I could block by sender IP ranges, but it doesn't appear that I can do that via Spam Experts.

If I want to continue with Spam Experts *and* also block email senders by IP ranges can I use/ should I use either "Global Filters" or SpamAssassin? Is one better than the other for this purpose? What format to use for either? i.e. CIDR, regex... ??

Hello Ken. Thanks for posting your question regarding using cPanel's Global Filters or SpamAssassin to block emails received from a specified IP address. Neither of these programs are designed to block IP addresses. I reviewed a forum post that describes how to use SpamAssassin and your own custom RBL (blacklist). You can add each IP address to the blacklist and have SpamAssassin assign a high score to those matched email messages. Additionally, you could use the "Any Header" filter in cPanel's Global Filters to try and match an IP address. In this case, you would need to specify each IP address in each rule. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Carlos D