Can you please clarify how to set up free SSL?

  • Answered
I have just started with a Wordpress hosting plan and I want to set up the free SSL for my site. I have read the various pages, but the process isn't clear to me (I'm sorry). Can you please clarify/confirm these three things?

1. If SSL is set up, my website will be prefaced with HTTPS instead of HTTP, is that correct? Is that how to tell if it is set up?

2. To set up, I use the "Manage Free Basic SSL" in the AMP. Is that all I have to do?

3. There is also a page showing how to set up SSL in Wordpress. Is that an additional necessary step to #2, or does it have some other purpose?

Hello EricH, Thank you for your question regarding setting up a Free SSL with WordPress. First, Activate your Free SSL in AMP. This makes the SSL available on the server, but you still need to setup WordPress to use https instead of http. Next, if you are installing WordPress for the first time, simply select the https option. If you already have an active website, you should enable https in WordPress. Thank you, John-Paul