Problems Calling PHP from 3rd Party Website

  • Answered
Hello, we currently have another website on Squarespace. Since squarespace does not support databases and advanced coding, we need to run the PHP off of a third party website. This has worked fine in the past with another host however that host is going away. I'm wondering if anyone can let me know what I would need to setup to make this work.

So far I moved the files via ftp onto the new InMotion Domain, and updated the path from our squarespace site. I was hoping that was it but when executing the code it is not returning anything.
Thanks for contacting us about remotely executing PHP scripts. There is no special setup that would be needed for this to work. I would double check to ensure there are no errors in the file path for the script, I would also recommend checking the Apache and PHP error/access logs to ensure there is nothing showing up there and that the script is actually getting called from the other server. It also would not hurt to ensure that your server here is using the same PHP version as the server your script was previously on.

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