Request information how to create regional categories on woocommerce

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Hi guys,

I purchase a premium theme last friday and im build my ecommerce.

Im wondering someting... i see this site, im creating something like that and want to create some regional category to vendors; Example: people can chooce to differente country like Colombia, ecuador or Panama, them costumer chooce "Colombia" and display the regions like bogota, medellin, cali... and finally what coomerce i display to the costumer (restaurants, clothes... etc).. how can i do that?

Any way to display categories with countrys to chooce the differente vendor on that location...

Another thing i want to integrate is PAYU to local pays, which plugin do you recomed me? is compatible with wc vendors?

about wc vendors, how can i add social network (facebook, instagram... etc) to my vendors on his dashboard?

i created a topic in the forum to my request but i send u also to your mail because i don't receive any notification.

Thank for replay soon
Hello, Thanks for contacting us about setting up your woocommerce, It looks like there is a plugin here that will allow you to change product based on location. As for PAYU it would be best to contact the vendors you are using to see which one would work best, You can find a list of the ones available in the WordPress archives here. For changing the templates for the wc vendors for your social media buttons it looks like they have a forum topic on how to do that here. Best Regards, Kyle M