InMotion Hosting Support Staffing Low?

  • Answered
I haven't had to contact Support much over the years, but when I did, I was always able to get someone right away. Today I was in the chat queue for 3-5 minutes then was disconnected twice, so I gave up.

What's going on with staffing?
Looking at the root cause - it appears that InMotion Hosting either is now on an email blacklist, or IMH's servers are kicking out erroneous spam reports.
I'm sorry to see your feedback regarding the long response time from Support. As a company that strives to set the industry standard in Customer Service for Technical Support, we do rely heavily on your feedback, to ensure a thrilling experience every time. Since the Community Support Center is not monitored by the Support staff's managers, I would recommend you email them at [email protected] to provide your feedback. Again, I'm sorry to see the negative experience you've reported.