Cron jobs stopped working after 5/15

  • Answered
Hello, I've had a couple of cron jobs running happily for *many* months, but both stopped working after May 15th.

The PHP scripts that they were firing off (which sent an SMS message) are still in place, and work perfectly when I load their addresses in a browser.

The command is in the form php -q /home/my_inmotion_account/public_html/jon/my_file_name.php
...and, as I say, two different cron jobs have both been failing every day since 5/15 – I'm certain I had made no changes to my server that would have triggered this, so it's rather a mystery.

One script had been firing successfully every 15 minutes. The other was working, as expected, once every 24 hours.
All and any help appreciated, please.

If it helps to know, I'm a Mac user who doesn't grapple with Terminal, so I'm doing all my admin via C-Panel. :-)

Hello joncousins, Thank you for your question about cron jobs failing to run. It is difficult to troubleshoot an issue like this through a public forum. The best advice I could give, which you have already tried, is to test the commands individually. If they are running well as standalone scripts then that is good. Moving forward, I advise contacting our Live Support team via a ticket request so they can verify your account and see if cron is running normally in your server environment. Best, Christopher M.