a few questions regarding WHMCS license and hosting packages

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hi,inmotionhosting support and everyone:
the first thing I want to know is,what type of WHMCS license I get in my reseller hosting? one thing I knew was I could create unlimited cPanel accounts,but this is on WHMCS business plan,(on starter and plus plan we can only have up to 250 clients,and on Professional plan we can have up to 1000 clients.) on this plan there is No Branding/Linkback,however in my whmcs order page I can see the "Powered by WHMCompleteSolution" showing in the footer area,i can't remove this in the admin control panel. is this legal to remove in the code?
the above are 2 questions.
the third question is,I already created 2 different hosting packages,but why is it showing only 1? no matter which Default Order Form Template I choose,it can only show 1 hosting plan,and I noticed that the different hostings show on the left bar,but this is not good,we want it to show in the centre,not small Categories names on the left. how do resolve this problem? I have been trying to resolve this problem for more than 2 months.
I hope these questions can be answered as clear as possible by inmotionhosting support team.

Hello futuretube99,

Thank you for your question on WHMCS. The licensing is the base license, so 250 max clients. The "Powered by WHMCompleteSolution" link is the branding/linkback. This cannot be removed by editing the code in the files because they are IonCube encrypted.

As for the third question, this is more account-specific and would need Live Support assistance so they can look into the account and walk through the steps with you for duplication of the issue. AS for formatting, unless there is a specific tool for rearranging things in the back end, you will not be able to do so as no editing of the core files is possible.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M