Not receiving mails from outside of domain

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Brief: Post setting up of mails not receiving any mails from outside of my domain email accounts.

Description: I had set up email accounts today and it was successful. We were able to send mails from one mail id to another example .com mail id, and mail id to any other domain. The challenge comes in receiving mails from any other domains to my id in I am not receiving any mails in my mail client or webmail.

Steps done so far: Have contacted my domain registrar (which is other than and updated the MX records as provided in

Result: Earlier to this step the mails were bouncing back to the sender with a message of recipient not found. After doing the above steps there is message of bouncing back to the sender, however the mail is still not being received.

Note: is just to denote the domain we have.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with receiving emails from outside your domain. Without specific information to look at, I can only speak in general terms.

If emails are being handled properlyu between domains on the same server, but not from outside the server, you will want to first check the mail exchange (MX) records to ensure they are pointing to the server.

If the domain is not yet pointed to that server (parked or still pointed elsewhere), then this issue can appear.

If the domain you provided in the secret area is the correct one, then it is simply because of this. That domain is not yet pointed to your hosting server.

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Scott M