We can not send some mails

  • Answered
We didn't have any problem sending mails to one specific email address which is my shop owner, but since Feb 14th 2017 We cannot send mails but receive error mails instead.
We have checked recipient(shop owner) if their server blocked our email address, but they said no.
Could you please tell us what can cause this problem and how we can solve this situation?
Thank you
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding issues sending some emails. If an email is being returned or bounced back, our BounceBack Parser tool can help determine the cause of a returned/failed email. This is covered in our full guide - What to do if an email is returned? Also, your server's mail logs may provide additional clues into your email delivery issues. We are happy to help you but will need some additional information. What is the full error you are seeing? Thank you, John-Paul