Proper chanel and WordPress setup

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I have a client that I'm going to be building a website for.. unfortunately, I won't get the domain transferred to me until the site is ready to go live because they are currently still utilizing their existing site and don't want to cause problems with their current hosting/web developer. This will be my first website to setup under my reseller account so I would appreciate the proper way to go about this. If I need to purchase a domain to utilize for the website as a temporary domain until I get the actual one, I have no problem doing that.

I posed this situation to a support rep last night in chat and they recommended utilizing the temp URL found in account information but I feel this wouldn't look professional in the eyes of my clients because it makes no sense and is super long.
Hello, Thank you for your question on setting up a test site area. You will still want to set up the cPanel with the actual domain name so that it is all set for you to point to when you are ready. There is no need to purchase a domain name to use in the interim. The temp URL is a valid option for building and testing the site out, however I would recommend setting up the website as if the domain was already pointed and simply using a hosts file modification for developing. This allows you to develop the site without having to go back and reconfigure any site and settings before switching to the actual domain. Kindest Regards, Scott M