WooCommerce Services (USPS) Unexpected Server Error after install

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We are not able to setup USPS (WooCommerce Services) after installation. We recently installed WordPress (via inmotion Softaculous), WooCommerce, and WooCommerce Services (USPS) for the first time. Installation seemed to have no problems. However, when configuring WooCommerce Services, we receive a red notice of “Unexpected Server Error” when changing Debug Logging from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Enabled’, and when editing the service settings and clicking ‘Save Changes’. We’re not able to save the changes, and can't get USPS shipping rates.
WooCommerce Services Status:
WooCommerce 2.6.14 is configured correctly
Jetpack 4.6 is connected and working correctly
WooCommerce Services Data: Service data is up-to-date

Hi Scott, I'm one of the developers of WooCommerce Services.

Another user reported the same error on our forums, and now it's fixed. If you update the plugin to its latest version (1.3.1 at the moment of writing this), it should work even with mod_security enabled.


Hello scottglx,

Thank you for your question regarding an unexpected error after installing a USPS plugin for WooCommerce. Check your File Permissions to ensure they are not limiting your ability to make changes. Here are the common permissions:

public_html - 750

Folders - 755

CGI and Perl scripts - 755

.html .php and other Document Types - 644

Since there are many 3rd party plugins for adding USPS to WooCommerce, ensure the specific plugin you are using is compatible with your version of WordPress. Also, check that your account meets the PHP version requirements for the plugin.

You can also try contacting the plugin developer as it may be a known issue, or there may be a workaround or solution.

You can try disabling mod security to see if it is a security block.

If your problems persist, our WordPress Troubleshooting guide can often narrow down the cause further.

Thank you,