Website died during plugin "update"

  • Answered
I tried to update three plugins that I've been using for years. The update of the first went smoothly. Then the other two got "hung" with the little red indicator spinning. I decided to work on other things (offline) but when I came back to the site an hour later the red indicators were still spinning. During this no other functions in the dashboard were available, clicks on other functions were met with an error message similar to:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/spider17/public_html/wp-content/plugins/display-all-image-sizes/display-all-image-sizes.php on line 111
so I then tried to force a disconnect by closing my browser (probably a mistake).
Now when I try to access the web site (not trying to log into wordpress, just browsing) I get the same error and the site does not appear to exist anymore. Unfortunately I did not write down the names of the two plugins I was trying to update, and now of course I cant see them or log in at all. How should I proceed?
Hello spider17_rich, Thank you for your question regarding your WordPress website breaking while updating 3rd party plugins. I recommend following our WordPress Troubleshooting guide, specifically the section on "Disabling your WordPress Plugins." This should allow you to regain access to your dashboard, so you can resume fixing your site. I recommend creating a backup before performing any maintenance or updates. Thank you, John-Paul