About changing the name servers for my hosting account

  • Answered
Hello InMotion, I purchased a hosting package yesterday and I still haven't added any domains to it. Before adding it, I wanted to be sure about something first. I see the default nameserver and IP of reseller hosting account is

is this correct?

And, if I don't use them in the WHM>Basic cPanel & WHM Setup are they set automatically?

I don't want to use it and I want to use my personal domain name to be the nameservers such as

I want this settings for all the websites that I add in the future. I have seen a tutorial on your website in this address:

If I follow those steps, will it work?

Please answer my questions, thanks in advance.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding changing nameservers. Yes, the Reseller nameservers you listed, and IP addresses are correct. These are set up by InMotion, and will automatically resolve to your account. Yes, our guide on Using Custom Nameservers as a Reseller will work and allow you to use your own nameservers instead. Thank you, John-Paul