Sending .pdfs using Outlook causes them to be encrypted

  • Answered
I'm using Adobe Acrobat Pro (most recent version as of this post) & Outlook 2007 (out of date I realise but it's the company's software) for an office email. If generate/download a .pdf document & email the document to an external email for some reason the recipient can not open the file, saying it is encrypted. I don't have this problem with every .pdf just the odd one. Even if they are from the same file path on my computer. What am I missing here? I don't actually encrypt the files, as far as I know; there isn't a need; the information isn't sensitive.
Hello, Sorry for the problem with the encrypted PDFs in Outlook. First, this issue is more of an Outlook or Adobe issue - both of which are 3rd party companies that make different software products. I can try to explain the issue, but you may be better off either consulting with Adobe or Microsoft support in order to determine what's happening. Whenever you save a document using Adobe Acrobat Pro, you are using that software to create the document and you must save it as a particular format. You can choose to require that the document be secure or not secure (using a password to open). That is NOT the same as encrypting a file or email. Encrypting a file is a separate file and involves a process. This is the same with emails. An example of encrypting email would be using PGP to encrypt email messages. You may have an extension that's loaded into Outlook to allow you to do this. Again, in order to do this, you would need to process the message to do this - it's not something done automatically. You may simply be misinterpreting the definition of an encrypted message/PDF file. You would need to document the steps you're taking that lead to the encrypted document that's causing you problems. If you're not aware of software that does this in your client, then you may need to speak with Microsft support in order to further clarify what's happening. I hope this helps to explain the issue for you. I do apologize that I can't give you a direct explanation of what's happening. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.