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Hello. My website is a database search engine that is accessible by academic institutions (paying a subscription fee) through my adding their IP addresses via an "IP based login" plugin I have installed on my Wordpress site. In fact, the university where I teach also has it for our students and faculty.
Here is my problem: For all of my institutional subscribers, I have it set them up so the "Login" tab disappears when students or faculty go to the site from campus, which then keeps the profile page away from students, etc. - giving them access to the database search capabilities only (the meat of the site). And, since my own institution has it set up for them in this way as well, the login does not show for me either when I am on campus. However, I really would love to still be able to work on my site when I am on campus. When I was with another hosting company, they had a way I could alternatively login to my website (dashboard) via a login on their site. I am not finding such a path on Inmotion, however, so am locked out of being able to update my site from my office. Is there any way I can get into the editing portion of my site when I am on campus in this situation? If not, can Inmotion set up such a system as I utilized at the other hosting company? If not, I am shut out from being able to monitor my site for over eight hours each day.
By the way, I have tried logging in with the "" - but it still does not let me in, and just trips over to my institution's login.
Thanks very much for any assistance you can provide!
Hello Keith,

Thank you for contacting us about IP-based WordPress login issues. Yes, unfortunately we do not have a login button available from your Account Management Panel or from an alternate path.

Have you tried using a VPN, or otherwise connecting through a different network (like a smartphone wifi hotspot) while you're on campus? That may provide an easy workaround in the meantime.

Christopher M.