Can't connect to my site from my home IP address

  • Answered
I can no longer connect to my site (or email host for that matter) from my home. I can connect from everywhere else and I can connect from home if I VPN in to my work network but not otherwise. This started sometime in the last couple of days.
My IP address is and our site is

When I run a traceroute it dies at (19 x time outs and then it fails)

Is this a problem with my ISP or something (like a blocked IP or something) on your end?


Hello Mark, Apologies for the problem with being able to connect to your site from your home. I went ahead and checked the firewall for your IP and found it to be blocked. It may have been blocked due to a false positive from one of the firewall rules. I went ahead and unblocked it for you, so you should be okay to connect at this point. If the problem persists, then please submit a verified support ticket to see what's causing your IP to be blocked. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.