Best Method to Redirect and Keep SEO Ranking

  • Answered
I have a question. I would like to permanently redirect traffic from old site to new site. But I don't want to lose the domain age or SEO with Google. And I want to still get the emails from the old site for a limited amount of time.

- Redirect all traffic from old site to new site
- Permanently redirect old site URLs to new site URLs
- Let Google know the page is still up and running but it has moved from the old site to the new site URL
- Keep emails alive for the old site for a period of time

Can you please tell me the best process to follow to complete that? I saw a couple of options in the help area from redirect through cPanel and editing the htaaccess file.

Thank you so much!
Hello Bethanie, Thank you for your question on the best method to redirect and keep SEO ranking. The 301 redirect is the best way to accomplish this. While Google will index the new URLs, the old URLs redirecting by 301 will pass the 'linkjuice' along, which is beneficial. We have an article on creating 301 redirects in the .htaccess file that should get you started. Kindest Regards, Scott M