Missing - Appearance Editor

  • Answered
When using Boldgrid - I have the special Boldgrid menu turned off so it looks more like the original WP Dashboard menu. But ran into a problem that the Theme Editor under the is gone unless I disable the Boldgrid Inspiration plugin. Don't know if that is by design or a bug?
Hello mefc_rod,

Thank you for contacting us about using the html/css editor with Boldgrid. You have two options to work with the conventional WordPress theme editor with the Boldgrid plugins. With Boldgrid enabled you can go to Customize and choose CSS/HTML Editor. This will bring up the traditional WordPress editor.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Boldgrid and uncheck "Use BoldGrid Admin Menu system", Save Changes, and then Admin screen will move all Boldgrid option to their own tab. And you can access Appearance > Editor as normal with all Boldgrid plugins enabled.

Christopher M.