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I've read through all the help articles about hosting a second domain. To be honest, the way you folks describe things is very confusing.

First, you say use the AddOn Domain to host a second domain that has NOTHING to do with the first/primary domain.

Then, when I click on AddOn in cPanel, you start talking about "subdomain of my site"... and "subdomain being relative" to the main home directory.

Look at this, it makes no sense to use the word "subdomain" when someone clicks the "Addon Domains" button in cPanel:

Addon domains allow you to host additional domains from your account, if your hosting provider allows you to do so. Visitors can enter the addon domain’s URL in a browser to reach a "subdomain of your site".

An "addon domain’s subdomain is relative to your account’s home directory". The house icon signifies your home directory, which is “/home/ilov****”.

I don't want a "subdomain of my primary site". I need to host a second domain that stands on its own and has nothing at all to do with the primary domain. I'm leery about using the "Addon Domain" feature because I don't understand precisely what is going to happen with that second domain. Seriously, why in the world would you folks inject the word "subdomain" into the instructions for "Addon Domain"? It makes no sense to me and is very confusing.

At this point, I have absolutely no idea as to how I should proceed. Should I just sign up for a new account and reenter the same billing information all over again?

Thank you for contacting us, George! Let us know if you have any further questions or difficulties.
Hello George,

Sorry to hear you are a bit confused with the addon/subdomain article. I'll try to simplify it a bit.

The addon domain lets a site exist separately from the main domain.

When you create an addon domain, however, cPanel does create a subdomain to the main for the addon as well. Almost 100% of people simply ignore the fact that it is there. You could access the site using that subdomain name if you wanted, though I've never used a subdomain to look at any of my addon domains. Google won't see it as long as you don't create some link to it out there on the web, it is effectively invisible.

Basically, if you want additional sites on your account, the addon domain is how it is done. You could sign up for another account (we always appreciate the extra money) but it is entirely un-necessary unless you are maxed out on domains for your account.

We will take a look at the article to see where we can make it more clear, so everyone can benefit.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M