Turning off drupal 7 "theme_debug"

  • Answered
I migrated a drupal 7 site to inmotionhosting. I'm on Pro Plan shared hosting. On the old host I enabled the Devel module and enabled its theme_debug option, which adds comments to page source to help developers find out which php files may have caused nearby HTML show up.
Now I want to turn that off, but I can't figure out how. I think I turned it on on the old site by executing "drush vset theme_debug 1" via the Shell module. On inmotionhosting that only leads to "drush command not found".
I'm also trying to find a settings.php file that has "$conf['theme_debug'] = TRUE;", but none of them have that either.
Also have not found a db table through which I could disable it in the back end.
Are all these because inmotionhosting doesn't give me the access level to do that? Am I missing something? Do I need to open a ticket and have them do it?

Hello Bill, Sorry to hear you are unable to disable the theme debug setting in Drupal 7. Other than what Drupal suggests in their forum, I am not sure of another way to disable the setting. It is definitely something in the Drupal settings, though where that would be other than the normal places, we are unable to determine. Kindest Regards, Scott M