NEVER sign people up for paid services without EXPRESSED CONSENT

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I am appalled and incensed that InMotion has the unethical audacity to sign people up for a paid service without their expressed consent.  I will NOT pay for Backup Manager, and I'm beginning the search for an ethical hosting company to move my account to.

I know I can end the trial myself, but to drive the point home, I demand that InMotion removes it from my account.

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I'm sorry to see the frustration this has caused you. In reviewing your account, it does appear that this matter has already been handled through the proper channels to remove it.

Backups are a vital component to ensuring your success. Although we attempted to mitigate the negative impact of no longer offering a free automated backup service (by sending notifications, offering a free trial period, refunding service fees, etc) it's clear that we fell short in satisfying you, our loyal customer. Please accept our sincerest apologies and know that we strive to seek out opportunities to improve our services for you. We appreciate your valuable feedback.


Carlos D.