How to stay logged in on this site

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I sign in have an account, asked questions about my chat problem and this site logs me out when I'm trying to reply to the person who is trying to help me. But it keeps logging me out or it does not even let me stay logged in, anyway here is the question I posted earlier.

To : Christopherm YES it uses PHP

Just migrated from another hosting to inmotion and having trouble viewing my chat box, had no problem with my previous hosting and now I only see an empty chat box, I'm able to write on chat but cannot view what other's write I'm leaving two screen captures links for a better understanding of my problem. If I log in into my forum with someone else nick I'm able to see chat box normal. Please advice.

This is how I view my chat box
This is how others see it

Thank you for your question regarding your PHP Chat. Is this a custom coded chat or are you using the script provided from some website? If so can you link it to us. Also regarding the staying logged in part if you have something with your browser blocking sessions or JavaScript then it will kick out automatically.

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TJ Edens