Cannot add a new menu item & page with Boldgrid - instructions are bad

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I am simply trying to add a new top level menu item to an existing menu in my staging website. called: primary-staging. I have four items in this menu so far. Is there a limit to the number of menu items I can have???

I am in the 'Pages' section of the tool, I have selected 'staged', and can see the staging pages. I added a new page and now I want to add it to the menu: primary-staging. I 'edit' that page, and on the right side of the screen is a section of options, including 'development group', and 'in menu'.

I select the 'staging' development group, then click the 'in menu' and check the box for menu: primary-staging. Then click 'OK'.

Here is where things go wrong: if I click 'save draft' or 'publish' or 'preview' that section that says ' in menu' goes from 'primary-staging' to 'none'. An now this new page simple does not appear in any menu options. So it cannot be added.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks
Hello FireFlyer451,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your BoldGrid menus. I am able to add more than 4 items to the primary menu at the top. I only added up to 6, so I am not sure of an upper limit, but definitely more than 4 are allowed.

With adding pages to your Staging site, it seems the menu additions area only displays pages that are 'Active' I tested a page with both 'Active' and 'Staging' status and it only appeared when it was in the 'Active' status. If you create a page and make it 'Active', it will not display on your live site unless specifically linked. So that may be a current workaround until that gets fixed.

I checked the last scenario you presented by creating a test page and setting the 'In Menu' before publishing. It worked and the page appeared in the top menu when previewing the Staging site. I also tried saving as a draft and previewing the page, but the 'In Menu' did not revert to None. As far as that behavior, I was unable to duplicate it.

Based on testing against your scenarios, it appears that the menu system may have a couple of bugs. I will create a trouble ticket for the BoldGrid development team so they can adjust that.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M