Joomla shows always the home page even if direct to other pages

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I have the newest version of Joomla and every was working fine during 2 years.
Since 2 weeks ago any menu entry shows only the home page. If I change the home page and write "Under Construction" on it, the system saves the changes but does not show them. If I create a new menu with a new article, the system shows always the old homepage and not the new article. I read everything about SEO but it did not help.
The problem can be shown on this site:

Please help!
Martin B├Ąchtold
Hello Martin,

Thank you for contacting us about the home page in Joomla repeating on all pages. We'll be happy to investigate a possible cause. Were there any changes you may have made on the site recently? Or, did you install any caching software? Any extra data you can provide will help us find a possible cause for the error.

Christopher M.