Will increasing plan increase the speed of our online calendar?

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Currently we use a WordPress plugin on our WordPress based website to display our reservation calendar. If we set the calendar to show open/booked dates it takes our website down to a slow crawl.

We need to have our calendar display open dates for our online reservation system to make it more convenient for potential guests to see what dates are open for the them to stay with us. Right now a potential guest picks a date they'd like to book but cannot see if the date is booked until they try to book it.

If I increase my hosting plan will it speed up performance of the calendar? I hope that makes sense. We have an outside consultant helping us so I may not be clear.

Thank you,
Hello Bruce, Thank you for your question on changing plans and site speed. If you are on a shared plan and change to another shared plan, or if you are on a VPS plan and change to another VPS plan, the speed of your site will not change. This is because Shared servers share the same resources no matter which plan you are on. It is the same with VPS plans, changing from one VPS plan to another does not change the type of hardware the server uses. You are more likely to see an increase in performance if you move from Shared to VPS plans, or from VPS to a Dedicated server. That can be a bit pricey, however. The first thing I would try is another plugin that has the features you want. Different coding can make a huge difference in the performance. That will specifically address the calendar. For overall site performance, you may want to run your site through a tool like GtMetrix, which is a site that gives optimization suggestions. Do as much optimization as possible before considering a plan jump as it costs nothing to optimize and you may not need to spend the extra money on a higher plan. Kindest Regards, Scott M