Importing blog posts, photos, & website content from old to new site

  • Answered
I'm designing a new website using Wordpress to be hosted by inMotion. Although the design will be completely new (including using a different theme), I don't want to lose years of blog posts and carefully assembled photos/graphics. My current website (which is hosted elsewhere) will stay live until I complete the new design. So a few questions:
- How do I import my existing content? Can I save it as an .xml file? But then how do I bring that into my new website?
- Since I will be redesigning all the pages and rewriting much of the content (other than the blog posts), is there a downside to importing all this existing content? I'm assuming I can simply delete all the pages I don't want. But will there be strange artifacts that will cause problems?

Thanks! Michael
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding your website migration. Are both websites running on WordPress? If so then there are plugins that can be used to "package" up the content on the old server then import that information into the new one. Best Regards, TJ Edens