Outlook 2010 Trash file emails

  • Answered
We have 2 separate machines with 2 separate email accounts. Both are running Outlook 2010 and email is set up as IMAP. The Trash folder on one machine only goes back 2 weeks and the other goes back only 1 week even though there are older emails that should be in the file. Auto archive is turned off on the machines. Logging in to Webmail, the older trash emails are not their either. For the other email addresses associated with my Outlook they retain the trash from the beginning of time so I know it is not on my end.

Where are the older messages? Why is the server not respecting my wishes to keep all old trash?

I have read the only pertinent question regarding this on the forum and my deleted emails do not have a strike-through in them as in a Purge item.
Hello rydog, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your emails disappearing from the Trash folder. Our servers do not remove trash automatically. The trigger for deleting emails from the trash folder is set up within each email address. This may be able to be set via webmail (horde, roundcube, squirrel clients) or also on connecting email clients or phones. You will need to check all devices and clients that check those specific email accounts to locate the setting that is giving permission to delete. Of course if you cannot locate the settings, you can contact Live Support so they can give you a walkthrough and see what they can see on their end. Kindest Regards, Scott M