My website is down, I can't login anymore, Nobody is replying to me

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I have a website with Prestashop it's, Google search door canopy or canopy store, a week ago I purchased an addon, (SEO EXPERT) it's cost me £172 before I made the purchase I spoke to an online advisor & he assured me it was the way forward for me and my website so I made the purchase. I didn't know how to work with it, it wouldn't work back of shop so i had an online chat with an operator !. Emails passed back and forth for 2 days and still nothing worked, they asked me for all my login details ect for the back of shop and they would try and make it work. that was 2 days ago, today I had a phone call from a potential new customer explaining that although my website name is visible, when you click on to it nothing appears, I have emailed Prestashop all day with no reply, I have phoned them over 5 times with no answer. I now have had two customers phoning up explaining that they can't see my website and they have now gone elsewhere. It's cost my over £1500 in lost sales. I'm at the end of my tether, I have spent over £1000 for this website and spent 100s of man hours building it to where it was and now it's gone. Nothing to show for it. Someone please help or advise me.

Thank you for your question regarding PrestaShop. I do apologize that you are going through this right now but you may want to contact your webhost so they may review the apache error logs as your webstie is throwing a 500 error. Alternatively you can go to your website files and remove the files for the addon you purchased. I recommend creating a backup prior to removing any files just to be safe.

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TJ Edens