Which software should I use for new wholesale site

  • Answered
I am looking to build a new site but I do not know which software combines ease of use with the functionality I need. I would like customers to go in and pay their invoice using Paypal Pro(I do not need to bill them on the site. they will already receive copy via email and I would like to upload a price list in pdf but only viewable using login and password the customr enters after registering with their account number, company name, address and email.
Hello, Thanks for the question about what software to use for letting your customers pay their invoice via PayPal Pro. Even though your customers will get a copy of the invoice through email, you will need some way to tie in the invoice they see with the payment they provide in your website. There are too many possible solutions to list for this type of thing, but I'll suggest checking out some WordPress based solutions . These solutions would require that your website be based on WordPress. The nice thing about these solutions are that WordPress is free and some of the functionality (that may meet your needs) is also free. These 3 options represent hundreds of possible solutions that can be used for your requirements. Determining the one your want to use depends on how you build your website and if you want to use a third party solution or one that's custom built. I hope this helps to point you in a direction to solve your website need. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.