Missing email in Outlook

  • Answered
Recently, I noticed that my emails in the Inbox are all deleted and removed from the Inbox. It appears when it arrives and then its gone! Poof!! I checked webmail, and the emails are gone also from the server. Also, from my Outlook in my laptop. What's happening? My email setting has already been set to IMAP, so it is supposed to stay in the server. Actually, I had no issue for months, until a month back when I noticed it gone (i rarely use the email). The only change is that previously, I access the email on my laptop (mac), and iPhone. but recently, I add access through my Lenovo laptop.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with emails disappearing from your server. The behavior sounds as if there may be some sort of POP3 connection also accessing the account. Unfortunately without any details on domain names or specific email addresses, I am unable to check. However, instead of placing that sensitive information here, our Live Support team can take these details and check in the server logs to confirm or rule out a rogue POP3 connection. Kindest Regards, Scott M