Install Problem - tool/import_export not appearing in User Groups Sett

  • Answered
I have:
OpenCart Version,
vqmod Version 2.5.1
Export/Import Tool (V2.28) for OpenCart 2.x

I can get the extention to install and it appears in "modifications".
The tool itself also appears under System/Tools. (I get Permission Denied).
The problem is I can not find tool/import_export checkbox in the permission settings for the administrator group.
Please help!!!
And a very biig thanks in advance.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having problems with your OpenCart Export/Import tool. Unfortunately we do not have any instructions for OpenCart 2.x, especially regarding the Import/Export tool. It does seem you have all the right versions, which is the first thing we advised to check. This is a common issue with this module and it seems there can be a few different causes. We advise to check with the OpenCart forums to see if any of the solutions presented there work for your specific situation. Kindest Regards, Scott M