SSL Mismatched Certificate Issue

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We are having an issue that is stumping the tech folks. Perhaps you can help. On January 9th, we purchased a new SSL certificate through InMotion issued by Comodo for our site, Since then, we've had some members and customers contact us about security messages. Some get a page that says "Your connection is not private" some get to a page on the site and get a red x on the padlock. Others have no problem. I personally have no problem on my laptop, but have it occur on various browsers (not all) when checking several smartphones.

Some SSL checker sites show it as having no errors, others, such as Whynopadlock, show the error "SSL verification issue (Possibly mis-matched URL or bad intermediate cert.) Details:
ERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by '/C=GB/ST=Greater Manchester/L=Salford/O=COMODO CA Limited/CN=COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA': Unable to locally verify the issuer's authority."

Here's what we and tech support has done so far:
Checked a variety of SSL checkers
Reinstalled a new SSL bundle three times
Trying clearing caches on any browser having the issue, then re-setting browser to factory settings, and even un-installing and re-intalling browsers.
Called Comodo tech support who thought it was an intermediate cert issue and it needed to be re-installed. (After re-intall of SSL, does the server or something need to be re-set?)

Thanks for helping to solve this issue that has now been going on for some time with a resolution!
Kind regards,

Hello Laura, Thank you for your contacting us about your SSL mismatched certificate issue. I noticed your certificate is for the "www" version of your site, but your site redirects to the non "www" version. As a test, try changing your site URL to the "www" version, such as:, instead of (be sure to use your actual domain name) If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul