i dont have php.ini in my hosting

  • Answered
hello, i have some problem in my hosting with php.ini , so when i create my own php.ini it doesn't work
( Error 500 - Internal Server Error
An error was encountered while processing your request. Typically this is a temporary condition. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance. )
i need some one in support inmmotionhostiong to add php.ini in my host
thank you all
Hello medhi456, Thank you for contacting us about setting you up with a php.ini file. We can certainly help with that but we will require account verification (which you should not post in this public forum). Feel free to contact our Live Support department and you can request that. However, if you're seeing the Error 500 as you mentioned in your question it's possible there is a conflict in your PHP configuration. There might be a php.ini file nested somewhere in your site. Best, Christopher M.