Unable to view website

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My website is hosted on godaddy and did a backup of my files on they site. After few days my website is throws an error:404. I call my go daddy customer care they increase the memory space and now on my website i am getting fatal error: allowed memory space is exhausted so they go and change the php version from 5.2 to 5.3.Yet it still gives the same error. Since they were unable to fix it so they went and changed the php verison from 5.3 to 5.4 yet it gives the same error.I am new to joomla and some developer designed the website and I have no idea how to bring up my website. What should I do?
Hello pallavimanoranjan, Sorry to hear you are unable to view your site at GoDaddy. A 404 page simply means that the page that is requested is not there. It could be a missing page, or the path could be wrong, or it could even be a spelling error in the path or filename. In any case, the reason for a 404 is that the server cannot find the page. With the 'fatal error: allowed memory space ' error, typically you want to increase the allowed memory limit in the php.ini file. Changing php version will not normally do this. You may want to make the php.ini changes yourself or have your support team do it to see if that helps. Kindest Regards, Scott M